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Plowboy Produce Auction provides an excellent outlet for local farmers to sell their wares. Farmers bring their best hand-picked products to the auction. While any farmer is welcome to bring their products to the auctions, 95% of sellers live within 10 miles of the site and 90% of the farmers are Old Order Amish. With horse drawn wagons and lives without modern technology, this community of farmers know something special. They know patience—and that’s what it takes to make crops grow.

The auction is a venue for sellers with lots as small as 4 boxes, small table lots for slightly larger sellers, and large table lots for the high-volume sellers.

With stadium seating for bidders and a drive-through with wagon lots, the auction is equally accommodating for buyers. We have buyers that travel more than 300 miles to bid on the best our area offers, so come and join us this year!



Plowboy Produce Auction is owned by Susan A. Kelley. The business opened in the spring of 2006 by a Ethridge native, Will Hudson. Susan bought the business in the fall of 2014.

You, as a buyer, are important to the farmer and they want you to be satisfied with your purchase. With most of the produce picked the morning of the day’s sell, purchasing from Plowboy Produce Auction ensures that you are receiving the freshest produce money can buy. The farmers want to make sure that buyers leave the auction knowing that they purchased quality produce.

All the produce is graded close and a label is provided on each box with the grower’s name, grade, and the field where it came from.

Plowboy Produce Auction is a great source for everyone—from wholesale buyers to small home-canners as well. 

Please join us at our next sell to see what all the talk is about!